#5 Traveling in time

Lear how you can travel in time in your tests with Rail's travel_to helper. We are going to create a view helper and we will follow Test Driven Development.

#4 Deploying to Heroku

Deploying Ruby on Rails applications can be scary. Especially when you are a beginner and you want to focus on programming and not on managing virtual servers and setting up deployment process. Fortunately you can use Heroku which makes deploying and managing applications trivial.

#3 Boolean attributes

When a boolean attribute is set, then it can be only true or false. But if it is not set, then it is NULL in database or nil in Ruby. It basically means that boolean attributes can have three values. Learn when to disallow NULL values for boolean attributes and when to keep them.

#2 Ajax Checkboxes

Ajaxify your checkboxes with jquery_ujs.

#1 Toggle

Learn how to easily toggle value of boolean attributes with #toggle method.